Develop product BeOnDesk Cloud Desktop

Develop product BeOnDesk Cloud Desktop

BeOnDesk is a virtual web based platform in the cloud that lets you be productive anytime, anywhere on any device!
We connect multiple web services and applications together on DESK system and allow you to access all of their services from any device and from any location.
And we also allow businesses to create customized DESKS for customers and employees. BeOnDesk wants to change the world by creating a simple way to use the internet.


Millions of people around the world spend countless hours on their laptops using the internet. We spend too much time on unnecessary actions such as minimizing windows and switching from one device to another to use different applications. BeOnDesk lets you open multiple windows at one time and even work within these windows, all on your personal customized DESK.


Solution - Consumers With BeOnDesk people no longer worry about switching from one device to another, from one operating system to another. With its easy-to-use virtual web platform customers can create a customized virtual DESK, with their favorite applications and web sites and access them from any place in the world.
Solution – Businesses BeOnDesk creates a customized DESK for customers and employees which gives them access to the applications they’ll need to use. No more time wasted on unnecessary searching; no more time wasted on non-work related sites.

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